Men talking about counterfeit currency on the street

Street Photography – Hanoi

Wandering the streets on Hanoi is a wild adventure for all of the senses. The streets boom with noise and motion at all times. You’re never to far from someone overloading a motorbike with any manner of things or a vendor on the street selling the most delicious food. Its a magical place to just go and get lost in and thats exactly what i did. For a week I just wandered with no particular direction in mind. The most beautiful part of this place is its people and how they move with each other in the flow of this crazy city.

Street photography in hanoi veitnam. a man sits in his Lantern shop
Man Sitting in his lantern shop.
Street photography hanoi
Man smoking a traditional Vietnamese pipe
man fixing a motorbike part in hanoi
Motorbike workshops are everywhere in the city and are always busy at work

men having a laugh street side in vietnam
Local drivers having a laugh as the traffic passes by
Life on the street is forever moving in this crazy city
Local shop owner and her collection of various knives that are used in stall all over the city

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