Namibia – Sunset in Etosha

Water is life in Africa. Its the first thing the animals look for in the morning and the last place they go before the danger of darkness sets in. Etosha is a vast and barren park with very few watering holes for the amount of animals so the concentration of wildlife at these holes is astounding. From herds of zebra to swimming Rhinos this watering hole had it all. Add all this into golden hour and you’ve got a recipe for something incredible

The following collection is from just one afternoon around a watering hole in Etosha National Park

sunset light over a watering hole in etosha
As the light got low i got the exciting feeling that something magical was on the way
zebra drinking at a waterhole at sunset
Huge herds of Zebra stared pouring in kicking up huge dust storms.
zebra herds drinking Namibian Sunset Etosha
Golden light in the dust behind and reflections infront made for beautiful photographic compositions
silhouette of an antelope
To the edge of the water a single antelope appeared
zebras silhouetted in dust storms
As more animals arrived the zebra's got spooked in the dust storms they kicked up
Namibian Sunset Etosha
Zebra on one side and Antelope on the other bank with golden light in between
two antelope silhouetted at sunset
Everything calmed down when the realisation no predators were in the dust and noise
Namibian Sunset Etosha
a single giraffe wandered down for a drink
reflections of a giraffe and a silhouette of an antelope
Namibian Sunset Etosha
to the egde of the watering hole small predators arrived chasing birds
Namibian Sunset Etosha
and the antelope moved to the other side with the giraffes
Namibian Sunset Etosha
the reflections continued
As the sun disappeared and the glow faded a new group of animals arrived
Lion at night around a watering hole in etosha
As the evening began and the light got low the predators arrived
lion on the banks of a watering hole at night
The young lion stayed only a moment as other guests arrived
two rhinos bathing at night
as the lion left two Rhinos wandered down for a swim

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