Luang Prabang

This place is a gem! It’s a stunning little town on the edges of the Mekong with almost as many Buddhist monks as tourists. Actually that’s a lie, there are way more foreigners getting around the streets then anyone else really and you can see that its starting to take its toll on the area. That being said its still a great place to spend a few days and enjoy one of the cleanest and prettiest places in laos.

Sunrise looking out over Luang Prabang
Sunrise from Mount Phusi
Morning markets start well before sunrsie everyday
Bananas & Catfish
Bananas & Catfish

All kind of meats are prepared on streets
I have no idea what these things are.
Hitch hiking monks
Wat Xieng Thong
Hundreds of statues
Beautiful ornaments

Intricate tile art
Prayer cards
Local fisherman along the Mekong River
Peaceful water of the mekong
Kuang Si Waterfalls
Huge waterfalls and clean blue pools
Countless limestone cascades
Thatched bridges crossing the mekong
Laos-luang prabang-monk
Appreciating the little things.

Afternoon walks along the mekong
Luang Prabang is such a peaceful place
Monks heading home across the river.
Monks heading home across the river.
Laos-luang prabang-mekong-fisherman
Local fisherman along the Mekong River
Fish is the main source of food along the river
Laos-luang prabang-mekong-fisherman
Fisherman casting huge nets

with perfect accuracy

local artist drawing
Local artists are everywhere.
Laos-luang-all you can eat buffet
All you can eat for 50 cents. you get what you pay for
All kinds of meats are being cooked at the market

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